Fall registration opening soon!


Ages 16 and up

Fall registration (starting September, 2016) will be available in all 3 of our FlyFree locations (Spruce Grove, South Edmonton) will be up soon. Please sign up for our newsletter for more information.

The most athletic human beings on earth train using bodyweight workouts, also known as Calisthenics. In this class, we guarantee that you will learn unique and efficient bodyweight exercises designed to increase your performance, mobility, balance and flexibility. Overall, increasing your athleticism, ready for any sport or activity. No background required, just get ready for a great workout with great people.

Techniques you can learn from this Calisthenics Class are (but not limited to):

  • Muscle ups, Pull ups, Pull overs
  • Pistol Squats, Human Flag, Dragon Flag
  • Performance Techniques: Increase your stamina, vert, static strength and dynamic (explosive) strength
  • Static holds: Front lever, Back lever, Planche, L sits and V sits, Handstands
  • Efficient resistance band training
  • And many more!

3 locations to choose from, register below

FlyFree Movement
South Edmonton

Location: Pheonix Gymnastics
9704 12 Ave SW
Edmonton, AB

South Edmonton Classes

FlyFree Movement
Spruce Grove

Location: Aerials Gymnastics
9 Tri Leisure Way
Spruce Grove, AB

Spruce Grove Classes

FlyFree Movement
Sherwood Park

Location: Salto Gymnastics
2025 Oak St
Sherwood Park, AB

Sherwood Park Classes