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FlyFree Classes

It's better to learn together

Courses that we offer:

  • Adult Parkour (16+, from university students to young professionals to parents!)
  • Senior Parkour (ages 11 – 15)
  • Junior Parkour (ages 7 – 10)
  • Calisthenics (Coming Soon)

2 locations to choose from!
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FlyFree Movement
South Edmonton

Phoenix Gymnastics
9704 12 Ave SW
Edmonton, AB

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FlyFree Movement
Spruce Grove

Aerials Gymnastics
9 Tri Leisure Way
Spruce Grove, AB

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Parkour Curriculum

The FlyFree parkour curriculum is based on a strict 7-color grade system.

The Athlete must pass the Skill Test 4 times, which equates to 4 semesters/1 year’s worth of class experience. Passing one semester’s Skill Test allows the athlete to stay up-to-date within this color level.

How do I move up the color level system?

3 requirements:

  • The athlete must accumulate 1 year’s (4 semesters) worth of class experience
  • Achieve 100% on their fourth Skill Test
  • A coach recommendation

(See below for more details)

Skill Test & Evaluation

Our Skill Test occurs once every semester/season. The Skill Test will determine the athlete’s skill level by successfully demonstrating the skills required in the syllabus.

Our curriculum is designed to develop keen reflexes and body-mechanics which are best obtained through proper practice and repetition. The athlete will stay within the same color level for up to one year before advancing to the next color level. The athlete is required to complete four Skill Tests per color level (seven color levels in total). The athlete will officially move to the next level upon 100% completion of their fourth Skill Test. Once the athlete has completed the first Skill Test of their new level, they will be awarded a new color band. (NOTE: athletes will only receive one band per level)

If the athlete wishes to take the Skill Test outside of scheduled test days, they may do so by scheduling an appointment with a Senior Coach during open-gym times. The Skill Test will take about 25 minutes. The athlete must pay a $30.00 fee. Scheduled Skill Tests within the classes are at no charge.

Note: for the summer months, July and August, we will not be holding out of class Skill Test.